Peep RJ Swift rocking the Wildboy! Clothing Black and White Classic Hoody:


Let’s talk green, and we don’t mean MONEY GREEN, but rather environmental green. Like our motto states; Stay fresh, stay green, get WILD! Qatar will be all three and more! Soccer is the worlds sport, even aliens love soccer or futbol like the globe knows it as. Soccer will take another leap by heading to Qatar 2022. It will be Qatar’s first World Cup hosting job, and unlike Pam “Da Champ,” they will need more than wine and jelly to satisfy and bring people to this very hot and desolate area of the world. Qatar will have some very dope and green ideas. Check out the following pics and info on their environmentally safe soccer stadiums. ENJOY!

Doha Port Stadium

Lusail Iconic Stadium

Al-Wakrah Stadium

Talk about a response!!! Ish gave me the chills, like if he was talking to me. Michael Jordan responds to Lebron’s Nike commercial and leaves you in amaze. I had the pleasure of seeing Jordan play (On the tube no flat screens back then, lol). He was beyond his time. Michael worked harder than anyone else and built an empire around him. Lebron, you have much to go my friend, but your defiantly on the right track. What do you think about this commercial? Let us know. ENJOY!

– Julian

So after our usual gaming night, we were put on to this dancing video game by our friend “GO, GO.” Now no matter when we were born, Michael Jackson’s music has always been one to make you move, and not just move but try the impossible. So we are glad to announce come this month Wii will all have the chance to perfect this magical man’s foot steps. ENJOY!

WBC! Team

Stay fresh, stay green, get WILD!

This Harry Potter guy is definitely a Wildboy! I promise that this HP flick will bring about action and the most anticipated battle between good and evil Lord Voldemort of the year. Roomie aka Will Nasty keeps telling me that we have to go see this on Friday November 19th, 2010. Dido will be in San Diego, so I cant trust on him to go. So if anyone else is planning on going, hit me up via e-mail.

Other than that, remember to stay fresh, stay green, get WILD!


So while working in the studio about three weeks ago, Dido introduced me to this song by Jeremih “Down on Me.” Boy did we both agree that this will be hitting certain particular & spectacular clubs, and which have those particular & spectacular dancers! If you know what we mean. Now, this video has a dope artistic flair. We don’t know if it’s really 3-D or not, so if you do have those expensive shades let us know if it works. ENJOY!

WBC! Team