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One of the most notorious holdouts against the Twitter short messaging network, Kanye West is now onboard, celebrating his new Twitter account with a live appearance at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters on Wednesday where he rapped for Twitter staff, as the above video shows (Wired). ENJOY! Advertisements

Uh, yup!


Sucker Punch Spring 2011



So in a few years we will be plugging in one more cool gadget! Ok, maybe not a gadget like a mobile or an ipod but more like a car. YES! I said it, a car. Honda promises a new vehicle that will need juice, electric juice. Honda discovers cars with cords, No one’s offering […]

August 7 at 9:00pm – August 8 at 4:00am Good Co. (Formerly Hope Lounge) 10 Hope St. Brooklyn, NY BBQ ON OUTDOOR PATIO OUTDOOR PREMIERE DANCE PARTY Check the trailer:

Check our manitas newest single and talk of their soon to come EP: You Ain’t Got It (Funk that) by NI**SKY