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One of the most notorious holdouts against the Twitter short messaging network, Kanye West is now onboard, celebrating his new Twitter account with a live appearance at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters on Wednesday where he rapped for Twitter staff, as the above video shows (Wired). ENJOY!

Uh, yup!


Sucker Punch Spring 2011



So in a few years we will be plugging in one more cool gadget! Ok, maybe not a gadget like a mobile or an ipod but more like a car. YES! I said it, a car. Honda promises a new vehicle that will need juice, electric juice. Honda discovers cars with cords, No one’s offering […]

August 7 at 9:00pm – August 8 at 4:00am Good Co. (Formerly Hope Lounge) 10 Hope St. Brooklyn, NY BBQ ON OUTDOOR PATIO OUTDOOR PREMIERE DANCE PARTY Check the trailer:

Check our manitas newest single and talk of their soon to come EP: You Ain’t Got It (Funk that) by NI**SKY