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This Harry Potter guy is definitely a Wildboy! I promise that this HP flick will bring about action and the most anticipated battle between good and evil Lord Voldemort of the year. Roomie aka Will Nasty keeps telling me that we have to go see this on Friday November 19th, 2010. Dido will be in […]

Spike strikes again… This short film was preimered at Sundance this year, and although it is sponsored by Absolut, it has absloutly nothing to do with the product. “I’m Here” is set in a world where robots and humans co-exist. Although robots are only used for menial jobs and not much else. However, that’s slowly […]

Uh, yup!


Sucker Punch Spring 2011

August 7 at 9:00pm – August 8 at 4:00am Good Co. (Formerly Hope Lounge) 10 Hope St. Brooklyn, NY BBQ ON OUTDOOR PATIO OUTDOOR PREMIERE DANCE PARTY Check the trailer:

Check our manitas newest single and talk of their soon to come EP: You Ain’t Got It (Funk that) by NI**SKY


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