Hey one of Wildboy’s own team members and FIVExFIVE artist, Patrick Keefer, will be exhibiting and selling custom paintings this Saturday and Sunday. This isn’t something you will want to miss. So come out either day.

Gallery North’s 45th Annual Outdoor Art Show
September 11 & 12, 2010
150 Artists and Craftsmen
Food and Live Music

Admission and parking are FREE!

Address: 90 North Country Road, Setauket, New York 11733

For a little insight and more information, check out Patrick Keefer’s website:



Schedule it now! See you there.

Spike strikes again… This short film was preimered at Sundance this year, and although it is sponsored by Absolut, it has absloutly nothing to do with the product.

“I’m Here” is set in a world where robots and humans co-exist. Although robots are only used for menial jobs and not much else. However, that’s slowly changing — robots are actually starting to evolve, and Jonze has set his film at a time where some robots are beginning to find a purpose; a reason for existence. They’re also beginning to fall in love with each other.


To watch the film, click here.

Thanks to Frank151

One of the most notorious holdouts against the Twitter short messaging network, Kanye West is now onboard, celebrating his new Twitter account with a live appearance at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters on Wednesday where he rapped for Twitter staff, as the above video shows (Wired).


Uh, yup!


Sucker Punch
Spring 2011