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After leaving work in Times Square today, I was amazed once again to see the mass of people waiting to see an infamous symbol of New York drop down (Balls out everyone). They say that seeing the Times Square Ball drop is a must do in your life time. Millions of people around the world […]

Well not really, but WalrusTV (Upper Playground) followed and interviewed the mythical artist, Bigfoot One.

You can download your very own copy by clicking the image. (I got my cd signed, sorry). Signed- Dido

While searching online to see if I could read up on our fellow orangutan friends, I came across a pic taken by Steve Bloom. Do you see any similarities? Whats your favorite animal picture? If you have one (just one), send it to us at Maybe your favorite pick will be selected to be […]

A foul game.

Let’s talk about this.