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The movie of the week picked and watched by the Wildboy! team (separately) is “The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.” Now I know what you may be thinking, but listen up fellas, there may be some positive information within the confines of this weeks flick pick. There is much to learn from the love guru character […]

Saw this preview at the theater the other night, not sure if you have. Cool concept of a film. Comes out March 19th. Signed: Julian

My name is @chuckcreekmur and I’m addicted to social media. There are a lot of “habit forming” substances in this world, but social media is one that now deserves mention next to drugs, alcohol or other matter than can cause abuse. Social Media. Sounds innocent, right? It sounds communal. Like one big funky tribe of […]

This is going to be a dope event hosted by one of the FIVExFIVE artists: Edwin Bolta (ALLINTIME). See you there!

Chimps on Ice?


As soon as I saw the title I was bugged out. I had to see what this was all about. Our cousins are pretty intelligent. Apolo Ohno they are coming for you! Hope you enjoy! Via Frank151. Signed- Crespo!

Johnny Five made it to the screens during the mid 80’s and then later had a follow up sequel(Part II seemed much funnier). No matter what you were, geek or not, everyone wanted one. Lego unofficially seems to have created one. The replica can be controlled by remote-controlled over Bluetooth from a BlackBerry. So for […]

Signed: Wildboy!