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So I just came out the movies, and def felt like practicing my Kung Fu (Good choice Mamita). So the Karate Kid is a great flick and one which I urge all of our fan-mily to go see. Will Jr, plays a great role and reminds me of his father. “After moving to Beijing with […]

Ratings: PG-13Violence and brief strong language, Common Sense, Iffy for 14+ Length: 120 minutes This weeks flick pick of the week is Valkyrie. The plot of Valkyrie is obviously somewhat restricted by the fact that it is based on the true story of an assassination attempt on Hitler. There were about 20 attempts on Hitler, […]

So I had this movie on my queue to watch from Netflix and it didn’t arrive until after the Oscars. This weeks flick pick is “The Hurt Locker.” It won 6 Oscars, one which was Best Picture. This low-budget movie about an American bomb-disposal unit in Iraq was intense. After seeing the flick ourselves we […]

The movie of the week picked and watched by the Wildboy! team (separately) is “The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.” Now I know what you may be thinking, but listen up fellas, there may be some positive information within the confines of this weeks flick pick. There is much to learn from the love guru character […]