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So after our usual gaming night, we were put on to this dancing video game by our friend “GO, GO.” Now no matter when we were born, Michael Jackson’s music has always been one to make you move, and not just move but try the impossible. So we are glad to announce come this month […]

This Harry Potter guy is definitely a Wildboy! I promise that this HP flick will bring about action and the most anticipated battle between good and evil Lord Voldemort of the year. Roomie aka Will Nasty keeps telling me that we have to go see this on Friday November 19th, 2010. Dido will be in […]

So while working in the studio about three weeks ago, Dido introduced me to this song by Jeremih “Down on Me.” Boy did we both agree that this will be hitting certain particular & spectacular clubs, and which have those particular & spectacular dancers! If you know what we mean. Now, this video has a […]