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Let’s talk green, and we don’t mean MONEY GREEN, but rather environmental green. Like our motto states; Stay fresh, stay green, get WILD! Qatar will be all three and more! Soccer is the worlds sport, even aliens love soccer or futbol like the globe knows it as. Soccer will take another leap by heading to […]

Being part of company that prides its self on being green is not always easy. We try our best to provide a product that is both green and fresh at the same time. As the planet continues to change due to pollution we here at Wildboy! Clothing try to find others who are doing the […]

Never know where to carry all your cool new gadgets and there chargers? Well don’t fret, because the brand Cocoon has just the thing. All those disorganized folk with cool gadgets, no worries your prayers have been answered. Here is something that will keep things better organized while looking fly. I wish I would have […]

Johnny Five made it to the screens during the mid 80’s and then later had a follow up sequel(Part II seemed much funnier). No matter what you were, geek or not, everyone wanted one. Lego unofficially seems to have created one. The replica can be controlled by remote-controlled over Bluetooth from a BlackBerry. So for […]

Believe it: Bullet trains are coming. After decades of false starts, planners are finally beginning to make headway on what could become the largest, most complicated infrastructure project ever attempted in the US. The Obama administration got on board with an $8 billion infusion, and more cash is likely en route from Congress. It’s enough […]

While surfing the web I found this image of a mix tape, but realized it was so much more. Not to date myself, but I remember the days when I would record my favorite songs from HOT 97 or La Mega straight from the radio. It was always a challenge but yet it was fun. […]

Tallest building ever!!! DOPE ceremony, see for yourselves!