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The migration of Puerto Rican people from Puerto Rico, Brooklyn and Spanish Harlem to Brentwood created a interesting boost in the popularity of handball. According to my dad, his ranking on Long Island in doubles was among the highest while he was in high school. He used to bring me to Casamento and Sagtikos State […]

Believe it: Bullet trains are coming. After decades of false starts, planners are finally beginning to make headway on what could become the largest, most complicated infrastructure project ever attempted in the US. The Obama administration got on board with an $8 billion infusion, and more cash is likely en route from Congress. It’s enough […]

Enjoy my first attempt at video editing. Shot at the FIVExFIVE Chelsea Exhibit. Signed- Julian Stay fresh, stay green, get WILD!

Hey for those of you who follow us on Twitter, you know that I’ve been working on a mural for approximately 3 weeks along with Andy Gallardo from the FIVExFIVE family. It is still incomplete, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek (and check the Classic T- Green/Yellow guest appearance): Singed- Crespo

While surfing the web I found this image of a mix tape, but realized it was so much more. Not to date myself, but I remember the days when I would record my favorite songs from HOT 97 or La Mega straight from the radio. It was always a challenge but yet it was fun. […]

I don’t care how late I am in providing you with this video. Mr. Cartoon is a legend and Maestro definitely Knows that what he is providing is unique and useful. “But when you do work for yourself and your community, that sticks in peoples hearts and peoples minds and lasts a lifetime.” Maestro Knows […]

Hey everyone! What’s going on? So today, somewhere between losing our breathe playing full court basketball for a few hours and saving the world via Modern Warfare 2, we talked about bringing back a really cool product. The Classic Onesie: Wildboy! loves the kids!