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So as we chill and do Wildboy! things and work towards our master degrees. We find ourselves jamming out to new songs. This track, which is just another dope song from Usher, but even fresher video makes us want to just, DANCE…(LOL) ENJOY! Signed: Wildboy! Team Advertisements



So while looking online I found this fresh website that makes odd things made from sustainable materials. This dope rhino is made from sustainably harvested beech wood. “Simus’s powerful hardwood frame can hold many poses, and his elastic-band muscles and durable wood limbs make him almost impervious to breakage. An enduring classic that will withstand […]

Ratings: PG-13Violence and brief strong language, Common Sense, Iffy for 14+ Length: 120 minutes This weeks flick pick of the week is Valkyrie. The plot of Valkyrie is obviously somewhat restricted by the fact that it is based on the true story of an assassination attempt on Hitler. There were about 20 attempts on Hitler, […]

Being part of company that prides its self on being green is not always easy. We try our best to provide a product that is both green and fresh at the same time. As the planet continues to change due to pollution we here at Wildboy! Clothing try to find others who are doing the […]

For those who don’t know, Jessica Alba is Dido’s FAV girl!! (He goes gaga over her, for real, I am serious LOL) So being the wonderful business partner that I am, I figured I post this blog in hopes to distract him from his research paper for just a bit. To our fan-mily, we love […]

So I had this movie on my queue to watch from Netflix and it didn’t arrive until after the Oscars. This weeks flick pick is “The Hurt Locker.” It won 6 Oscars, one which was Best Picture. This low-budget movie about an American bomb-disposal unit in Iraq was intense. After seeing the flick ourselves we […]

So in celebration of one of the greatest we decided to post our favorite songs and memories of the Notorious B.I.G. Julians favorite: “Of all the hip hop tracks I remember, ‘Juicy’ was the first track I could memorize. I think it had something to do with the beat and all the sh!t he was […]