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On Friday, December 4th, one of our very own FIVExFIVE artist will be exhibiting his work with some other dope artists. Come out and support! Advertisements


Holiday Sale!


Ohio’s certified Mixtape Kings Mick Boogie & Terry Urban steadily crush it with every effort, and their latest tribute to De La Soul that dropped today is right on point. Posted on their popular website, which features other classics like Unbelievable, 2009: The Grammys Remix Album and Southern Gold (Weezy + Santigold = $$$), […]

Enemy of the State: A Love Story Lupe Fiaso unleashes his latest mixtape project to the public entitled, Enemy of the State: A Love Story. This one brought about in “cassette style” as the mixtape is a continuous twenty-two minute long track. Lyricism is set to be a focal point this time around it seems. […]

Marketing, marketing, marketing!

Who is getting up at 5 am to go shop on Black Friday? I might, why not, the thrill of fighting for your life and electronics is fun. After reading article after article about Black Friday, I came along the following steps realized that they could help us on this freaky frenzie filled Friday. Watch […]