The migration of Puerto Rican people from Puerto Rico, Brooklyn and Spanish Harlem to Brentwood created a interesting boost in the popularity of handball. According to my dad, his ranking on Long Island in doubles was among the highest while he was in high school. He used to bring me to Casamento and Sagtikos State Parks on Friday afternoons when I was a child. I thought he was a superstar. When I hit my teens, I too began to play. It got really interesting when we used to put money up. But handball culture like many trends, faded and was destroyed from the inside (people dealing at courts, gang violence, etc.). Some courts were knocked down for parking space, hockey rinks and playgrounds. I am awaiting a resurgence.

Check this video:

Courtesy of 13th Witness (thank you, this video means too much in a good way)

Signed- Crespo


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