‘The Book of Eli’ Trailer


These two brothers are at it again! The Hughes brothers, creators of such films like Menace II Society and Dead Presidents have joined with the man him self Denzel Washington to show us a post-apocalyptic 2043. A lone hero, Eli (Denzel Washington), guards the Book of Eli, which provides knowledge that could redeem society. Now we are not sure whats in this book, but use your imagination, plus Denzel kicks some major ass, see for your self:

Signed: Julian

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One Response to “‘The Book of Eli’ Trailer”

  1. Earlier I just viewed The Book of Eli the movie in theaters and have to say it is the coolest most amazing movie I have seen in years, besides Avatar lol. I highly recommend it to anyone that has not gone to see it yet. The Book of Eli is easily one of my favorites right up there with the new movie Avatar. I couldnt wait to see it again so I tore through the interwebs to find an online streaming copy of The Book of Eli sshhh… Here is the only good link I found http://movie-moose.com/the-book-of-eli check it out fast though because based on how popular it is I am not sure how much longer the link will stay up for. Enjoy

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